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  • We provide highly qualified professional accounting services. We orientate ourselves to client needs and values.
  • We offer an individual approach for all clients. We ensure the safety of our clients’ data and guarantee confidentiality.
  • Highly qualified consultations are available.
  • We will identify your optimal tax treatment, which is compliant with Latvian legislation.
  • We communicate with our clients in a language they understand.
  • We саrе about our clients’ prosperity.
We take responsibility for the quality of the service we provide in addition to taking financial responsibility.

Services for entrepreneurs
and the self-employed

  • Accounting from source documents through to tax declarations, surveys and required internal references.
  • Representation of companies at the National Тах Administration and other national institutions that monitor companies;
    Financial reports and management reports;
  • Financial performance analysis;
  • Consultations with financial experts to find the best solutions;
  • Consultations regarding accounting and tax treatment;
  • The basis for а legal services package.
  • Reg. No. LV44103105770
  • Office address:
  • Burtnieku street 36-1, Riga, LV-1084
  • Phone: +371 67491080
  • E-mail: info@saldos.lv